Lunch ‘n Learn Series


31 Courses Available.

Normally 3 Lunch ‘n Learn Company Course Videos of High-Growth Management cost regularly @ $360.00, but now with a “Tunnel 2 Towers” discount of 50%, plus a BOGO receiving 3 added weekly hard-skill Video Courses (total 6 videos) for a total cost of $180.00 per company.

From July 1 to Sept. 1, 2022our company Lunch ‘n Learn program where a subscriber can use our 10-20-minute high-growth management training program with any departments of the company, from 1 to 1,000 employees, at the low Tunnel 2 Towers total cost of $180.00 per 6-month program delivering hard-skill content not available anywhere else. You provide the lunch.  It is renewable one time only.



Lunch ‘n Learn Series – 12 Programs per Year

Each 12–20-minute program complements the competencies of the courses in the Success Series. This is the reason that both managers and future managers should become proficient in both Series.

  1. Five Ways “Process” can Actually Drive Faster Growth.
  2. The Underutilized Management Skill You Need Today – Accountability.
  3. How Delegation Helps Empower Your Teams, and Helps You Scale Faster.
  4. Five Easy Metrics You Can Start Implementing Today!
  5. How to Build Great Metrics and KPIs Across Your Team in One Quarter.
  6. Five Ways to Keep Your Best Employees Motivated on the Team!
  7. Eight Steps to Give Your Team a Makeover You Know it Needs.
  8. For Everyone in the Company! Job Descriptions, Competencies & Workloads!
  9. No Joke. Our Client Saved $1.4mm by Optimizing its Supply Chain. Here’s How.
  10. Use AI to Optimize Inventory on Slow Moving Items, Without IT.
  11. Not-for-Profit Jargon for Continuous Improvement!
  12. Moving Mainstream Right Now! The New Model for Sales, Marketing, CS!
  13. Why Strategic Growth Clobbers Organic Growth, and How to Get Started.
  14. How Young Leaders are “Tuning Out” FY Plans, and How to Engage Them.
  15. Cross-Functional Teams Don’t Need “To Do Lists” but DO Need This One Thing.
  16. The Best Time to Develop a Strategic Plan is Today!
  17. Five Ways Strategic Management Delivers Better Team Results.
  18. How Game Changer Events can Fuel Your Team’s Growth.
  19. Know Which Company Life-Cycle You Are In? Knowing Will Drive Your Strategy.
  20. What’s Your Driving Force? And Why Knowing it Will Drive Your Growth!
  21. Three Reasons Why Operational CEOs Cannot Achieve Double Digit Growth!
  22. Pragmatic Collaboration. The Key to Rejuvenating Cross Functional Teams!
  23. The Secret in Converting Sales Cowboys Into Customer Engagement Leaders.
  24. How to Move Your HR Team from Support to a Driver of Top-Line Growth!
  25. Why Your Engineers Need More Than Just Coding Skills to Succeed Today.
  26. Indeed or Zip Recruiter? Three Competencies in Hiring a Leadership Manager.
  27. Why Strategic Management is the Trick in Gaining Double-Digit Growth Each Yr.
  28. Revenue is Dead–What Are High-Growth Companies Focusing on Now?”
  29. Beware! If Your CEO Never Tracks Competition, Get Ready for a Bite in the Butt!
  30. Five Marketing Projects to Kick-Start High-Growth Today.
  31. It’s OK Your Company Culture is Changing—Harness it to Drive Growth Within.