HGC’s High-Growth Career Learning Platform

Orientation & Onboarding New Employees – Best Practices


Is a phase of onboarding where new employees receive a welcome for joining the company, a brief history and background of its culture as well as the basic administrative requirements to begin work on the job and get paid for that work.


Is a process by which a new employee of the organization experiences a series of training events beginning with orientation which helps the individual understand her or his responsibility and accountability on the job. Understanding your responsibilities and what level of decision making for which you are accountable are the key reasons why a formal onboarding program insures a greater success for new employees in their daily requirements.

Embedded Learning & Management Development Programs

HGC’s High-Growth Career Learning Platform comes embedded with HGC’s management development modules to be utilized in developing every level of employee within the company in the axioms of success.

When combined with customized department level training videos it becomes a powerful source for leadership management development unsurpassed in any organization, and it will provide a competitive advantage in developing management depth. These programs interface with the Succession Planning Program and the Career Path Planning Program.

  • 50-75 Lunch ‘n Learn Modules. These can be utilized individually or in courses for three levels of management. These 20-minute programs provide the department manager the resources to implement solid decision making and problem solving within the department.

  • The Executive Development Program. This is a series of executive level axioms and case studies in strategic management which address upper management transformation of departments and organizational structure. Assessments measure the degree of understanding by participants.

  • Senior Management Program. This program includes senior-level learning of the axioms of success with examples and case study which highlight the tenets of management with a behavioral twist.

  • Department Manager Development Program. This program is utilized for lower level staff managers and potential department managers who require understanding of the operational management techniques for achieving fiscal year objectives.

  • Middle Manager & Supervisor Development Program. This is a development program for potential staff managers who show evidence of becoming higher level leadership managers in the future.

  • Basic Millennial Developmenet Program. The basic blocking and tackling programs for younger individuals who have not had any training in the tenets of management.

The High-Growth Masters Program

This is an optional program which will be available for every level of the organization, and is available from academia and industry experts who profide more advanced lerning videos from their own experience in managing an organization.

Succession Planning Program (SPP)

The purpose of this program is to prepare all company employees with the capability of performing the next higher level’s position, eliminating or reducing the amount of disruption that occurs when an employee departs the company temporarily or permanently.

Career Path Planning (CPP)

This program is developed by the management team in conjunction with the executive managers utilizing HGC’s Career Path Planning Program. HGC provides its program which is used by department managers to develop career paths that can be utilized in this important endeavor.

This is a program for those individuals who have been determined to have the ability to become a leader of the organization. For this reason, the Career Path Plan is both a development program and a mentor program that includes a path of work through multiple departments and multiple levels.