Organic Growth – Operational Management

There is certainly nothing wrong with growing your company organically with single-digit growth, and we feel that over 80% of SMB companies profess this management style.

By definition, Operational management is a category of management, which is the process of identifying how the organization will achieve its mission and what actions it will take to get there during the operational, fiscal years.

Operational management occurs on an annual basis, with ongoing annual objectives renewed each year for success. A company can be very successful, only utilizing operational management on an annual basis. However, it is prone to single-digit organic growth caused by a lack of long term planning.

Operational management is the only requirement for managing a successful company. However, when operational management combines with strategic management the potential level of success doubles for most companies and firms, and the company usually becomes a high-growth company with annual double-digit growth.

HGC has experience in helping operational CEOs become double-digit high growth companies.

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