High Growth Strategic Management Equals Strategic Growth

We noticed an interesting pattern among a group of really successful CEOs with their high growth companies. Ongoing they were consistently achieving greater growth than organic and their organizations appeared to be having more enjoyment in doing so.

As our analysis of one pattern led to another we began to understand the dynamics of their high growth. We recognized a high degree of teamwork which permeated the organization, particularly at lower levels, and we found that their customers also appreciated working with these companies which in turn fueled further growth.

After several years of identifying other patterns in high growth companies, we determined that there is a clear correlation between revenue growth and the manner in which they utilize strategy with operations. We could see that the environment of their management style was to augment operational management with strategy, and we call this Strategic Management.

Characteristics of a strategic managed company are strategic growth in double digits; managed revenue and profits on a 3-year ongoing basis; longer-term in foresight, and a formal strategic plan that augments the operational plan.

While these are the mechanics and patterns between Strategic Management and Operational Management, we also began noticing a transformed management process with those CEOs and companies practicing strategic management.