HGC’s Succession Management

Critical Points:

  • Managers are accountable for training and developing their direct reports

    • Training is 90% company driven, 10% individual driven

    • Development is 90% individual driven, 10% company driven

  • Over 90% of ALL managers at every level in small business do not have a 2nd team manager ready for the next position. This is called the lack of management depth.

  • There are two types of talent: Specialist talent, which is the work that an individual trains to be the best; and Management talent, which is the work that an individual utilizes in strategy, planning, organizing, leading, teamwork, and control.

    • The higher an individual goes within the Company, the less specialist talent is required and more management talent is required.

    • Potential leadership managers require a regimented program that trains on the specialist talents and develops on the management talents.

The Succession Management Program

Every department within a Company has its own specialist talent requirements, and this is driven by the needs of the Company to support the mission of the CEO. A successful program for succession is one where each manager at every level has at least one backup individual being trained and developed to take the next higher position within the department.

It therefore must be identified what key specialist talent is required to be trained for each managerial position, and what key management talents must be developed at the same time. That is what succession is all about, training (learning) and development at every level so that the Company has a trained and developed backup person for every key position within a department, and within the Company, both in allowing for successful specialists and successful leadership management.