What We Do

At High-Growth Consulting, we believe in the collaborative relationship between ourselves and our clients. It is where the expertise of the specialist meets the experience of the high-growth  executive or CEO.

We are the only consultant firm who develops the hard-skills of your leaders into executives.  We do this by providing the same playbook on hard-skill axioms of management that we gleaned from high-growth companies.  It is what high-growth CEOs do every day.



Transform the Organization – Don’t Restructure It
When implementing Strategic Management this rarely involves restructuring your organization.  By this time we should assume that we have optimized your core processes within the organization for efficiency, but if not, that does not involve restructuring the operations.

It involves continuous improvement projects by department but this is an annual requirement by the CEO regardless, and should continue.

In Strategic Management the CEO should spend almost 100% of his or her workload on strategic initiatives, but he needs help to determine and implement the required game changer events of the strategic plan and this must be the accountability of a close group of strategic executives.  This is the group that is accountable for implementing the strategic action plans so that they staff the game changer events, have objectives and metrics, and are drilled down to operational layers of the company.  This only occurs in the operations year of the strategic plan.

Programs for Succession Planning
Every department within a company has its own specialist talent requirements, and the needs of the company drive this to support the mission of the CEO.  A program for succession is one where each manager at every level has at least one backup individual being trained and developed to take the next higher position within the department.

HGC’s Succession Planning Program identifies what key specialist talent requires training for each managerial position, and what key management talent must develop at the same time.  That is what succession is all about, training (learning) and development at every level so that the company has a trained and developed backup person for every key position within a department, and within the Company, both in allowing for successful specialists and successful leadership management.

Developing Management Depth at all Levels
HGC is renowned for developing leadership managers  into executives, and providing the depth of management which every high-growth company requires to peak at double-digit levels.  The strength of HGC’s management development comes from the competencies which emanate from high-growth executives who have passed the HGC certification for the following levels of management:  CEO, Executive, Senior Manager, Department Manager, Middle Manager, and Supervisor.

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Certificate of High-Growth Management Excellence (HGME)
HGC’s Certificate of “High-Growth Management Excellence” (HGME) provides advanced learning that can help you expand your high-growth leadership management skills within your company and on your resume.  Based on a regimen of high-growth content, including the Axioms of High Growth, the certificate is the irrefutable acknowledgement of success that an individual has demonstrated by passing the program courses of excellence.

We offer the program to every level of management within the organization, from new potential leadership managers in the Basic Management curriculum, to seasoned managers in the Executive Management curriculum.

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HGC’s Talent Development Platform (TDP)
HGC is fast becoming a technology company.  We have developed a Talent Development Platform which is steeped in hard-skill competencies of management development, for every level of management. We correlate this with AI algorithms that determine an appropriate curriculum for the company and the individual

It is one of the few talent development platforms that focus on high-growth experience at every level of leadership manager:  CEO, Executive, Senior Manager, Department Manager, Middle Manager, and Supervisor.  We even provide a Success Series of development for millennials and individuals with no management experience, on their way up the ladder of success.

HGC bases its TDP on competencies gleaned from high-growth CEOs and companies of every size.

We assess the corporate team based upon their knowledge and understanding of strategic management.  HGC mentors provide experience and guidance on the value of using strategy at the executive level.

HGC provides Individual leadership manager assessments based on the level they currently hold, and then our AI algorithms link their level of competency experience with a proven curriculum for the next level of management. Over 3,000 leadership managers have progressed to the executive level who have gone through HGC executive development programs.

For those individuals on a fast-track path to executive and CEO, our Certificate for Management Excellence is the most difficult to master in the country, with only about 15% of participants becoming certified.  Regardless, all participants receive recognition of participation in this hard-skill program of executive management.

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