Our Values

When we started High-Growth Consulting, we established a set of values based upon the background and expertise of our founders, with a firm sight on the high-growth axioms of accountability and metrics. We adopted the following values from the very beginning:

Expertise: We are the hard-skills experts. We are the only ones with The Axioms of High Growth that were gleanding from the practices of our work with the CEOs of High Growth companies. It is reflected in our people who have led companies and are recognized experts in their specialist functions. The diversity of experience, cultures, and thinking provides the best solution for our clients.

Customer Passion: We will go beyond the call of duty to ensure you receive double digit growth year after year. We collaborate with our clients so that we are 100% aligned with your high-growth goals and we are focused on what is best for you, and what YOU care about. This includes diversity, inclusion, and fair responsibility to all.

Results: We take full accountability for leading you and your company from good to great, with metics and KPIs that measure the accomplishment of your mission and vision, and delivering profitable, high-growth results every time. We will provide quality performance beyond our assignment to get you there.

Trust: The words above are meaningless unless we earn your trust through honesty, integrity, and lack of nonsense approach.