Our Team

Gregory N. ‘GW’ Weismantel

President/CEO, Founding Partner

It is unusual when an individual discovers the Holy Grail for “high growth” CEOs and Executives.

After spending several years in executive management positions with major companies, Greg Weismantel spent 30 years in CEO roles or as an executive consultant with CEOs.  He noticed in his assignments that the most successful CEOs all performed similar practices to lead high-growth companies, so he codified these practices into the “Axioms of Success.”

Mr. Weismantel is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, holds an MBA degree from Loyola University of Chicago, and has published three books on high-growth executive  management.

“We couldn’t believe it. There wasn’t any magic about what HGC did to help move us from annual single-digit growth to double-digital growth, but it was a transformation that we could not have done by ourselves. Their team of experts was priceless.”