Frequently Asked Questions

What is the HGC Certificate of “High-Growth Management Excellence?”

To earn the certificate, you must complete the three eligible programs within 18 months, based upon the proficiency of the level of management you are currently in.  Upon successful completion of all three programs, we will award you the HGC Certificate of High-Growth Management Excellence.

Which programs earn the HGC Certificate of High-Growth Management Excellence?

We will base the following qualifying programs upon the level of proficiency which you currently possess:

  1. Strategic Management
  2. Operational Management
  3. Leadership Management

We will curate special courses within these areas for your current proficiency based upon the information submitted in the initial assessment.

What is the cost of the HGC Certificate of High-Growth Management Excellence?

The total cost will vary based upon the level of management that you will complete for certification: Executive, Senior Manager, Department Manager, Middle Manager, Supervisor, Basic Manager.


Certificate Benefits

  • Become a certified High-Growth Leadership Manager
    We will immerse you in irrefutable high-growth tenets and axioms with best practices for helping your company achieve double-digit growth.
  • Receive recognition for your high-growth accomplishment.
    Your certificate is an official credential that signifies your mastery of the axioms and tenets of high-growth in your professional career.  It is the significant award that distinguishes you as having the capability to lead your unit in high-growth tenets of management.
  • Extend your personal standing within your company.
    Become a mentor to cross-functional teams relating to high-growth strategic management.


Who Should Take Part

We offer the program to every level of management within the organization, from new potential leadership managers in the Basic Management curriculum, to seasoned managers in the Executive Management curriculum.