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    Strategic Management

    The cornerstone to double-digit growth is implemented only by really successful CEOs. HGC's studies of really successful CEO's provide the roadmap to sucess.

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    Succession Management

    While Strategic Management is the brick that includes the Axioms of Success, Succession Management is the mortar which keeps the company together. It's the team players.

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    HG Career Learning Platform

    HGC's Learning Platform is the only learning system that comes embedded with high-growth learning and development content based upon our work with high-growth CEOs/companies.

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    Throughout our management consulting career we noticed that there were a select number of high-growth companies that consistently achieved double-digit growth, while the rest of the companies achieved organic single-digit growth in a fiscal year.

    Now there is nothing wrong about achieving organic growth of 1%-9% each year. However, our research of the companies consistently achieving double-digit high-growth identified the “secret” by which these high-growth companies did it, and there was no magic to it.

    • They all practiced similar self-evident principles of management which our experts call “The Axioms of Management Success.” These are principles we identified within these high-growth companies that have been proven by actual managers and CEOs over a period of years, and not a part of theory developed by academia. They are pragmatic, not theoretical.

    • They implemented Strategic Management where a formal strategic plan augmented the operational plan and wasn’t an adjunct to it, with consistent game changers that were planned over a period of 3-years, not just a fiscal year.

    • They created a “bias for taking action” at every level of the company which was a driven by formal high-growth learning and development at all department levels of their company.

    So now you know who we are. We are the experts who have deciphered the holy grail to success and are the disciples of this trilogy.

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