HGC Introduces First Management Development Platform in the Cloud

Hard-Skill Management Development Programs Available for Five Levels of Leadership

ST CHARLES, IL – July 21, 2022 – HGC High-Growth Consultant Group, a market leader in hard-skill, strategic management, has introduced the first Management Development Platform (MDP) in the cloud, available for all size of companies who want to increase their management depth within their company.

“We are really excited to have the first-ever MDP, “Management Development Platform,” in the cloud for five levels of leadership management,” said Greg ‘GW’ Weismantel, CEO of HGC. “The programs will have levels of certification for those individuals who really want to become CEOs and executives in the long term, but it will have programs for the Gen-Z and Gen-X novices as well, to develop them into supervisors and middle managers. I am also happy to brand this technology platform, “The Vista MDP,” such that it will become a separate division of HGC, the High-Growth Consultant Group.”

Whereas HGC will continue to provide company-wide programs on strategic and operational management, the Vista MDP will provide scaled development programs in Strategy, Planning, Organizing, Leadership, Teamwork, and Control, the Learning & Development tools for leaders and future leaders. Mentoring and coaching by experienced CEOs, executives, and managers will accompany the MDP.

“Our research shows that 90% of all companies do not know the hard-skill competencies of leadership management, with an inconsistency of the type of management development at the key levels of department manager and executive,” said  GW. “We estimate our management development programs to date have helped over 3,000 leaders become executives, and now we are opening this up to every company, small and large, with a technology play that will focus exclusively on companies increasing their management depth.”

About HGC High-Growth Consulting, LLC

HGC is a growing consulting firm with the focus on helping companies and CEOs strategically and operationally. HGC provides a full array of proprietary hard-skill, strategic management services and leadership excellence programs for companies who are ready to develop their management talent based upon hard-skill axioms of success.